Our Team

Dhiren Paramale

Chief Executive Officer

Dhiren is an integral thinker with a great flair for research and development in the areas of human well-being. Being a motivational speaker, writer and an OD consultant, he has received many accolades and credentials to his name. He is highly appreciated and recognized for his ability to synthesize the diverse subjects of Science, Spirituality, Management, Psychology, and the various New-Age Philosophies. Being a sought-after speaker and trainer on the topics such as Leadership, Science and Spirituality, Health and Healing, Lifestyle-Management and the Wisdom Traditions, has delivered talks in India and abroad. Read More…

Pareena Sharma

Director – Strategic HR Consulting

Pareena comes with 25 years of industry and consulting experience, as a senior HR professional, trainer, facilitator and certified coach. She consults primarily in the areas of Organization learning, Strategic HR, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Executive coaching.  Her personal journey 10 years of Inner Transformation enables her to bring a sense of connection and depth to all her assignments. She has held senior positions at reputed multinational organizations such as GE, LG, Lucent Technologies, HCL and State Street Bank and managed employees across various geographies, worldwide. Read More…

Madhu Purohit

Director – Advanced Leadership Training

Madhu is a highly accomplished Behavioral trainer with a rare blend of knowledge and experience. He has over 40 years of rich-deep professional experience of having worked in different continents of the world. He did his engineering (B.E.) from Wilhelm Maybach Schule in West Germany and his Masters (M.E.) from Meisterlehrwerkstatt, an institute in Heide, West Germany. He has held various corporate positions in Germany, Australia, Africa, Oman and in India. Some of the brands he was associated with are Mercedes Benz, Deutz, Volvo, GM, and Volkswagen. Read More…

Rishi Trivedi

Director – Finance Consulting

Rishi has 20+ years of professional experience covering the width of finance, supply chain, sales, human resource management functions, business planning and analytics. He has worked for top global companies like Apple, McAfee and Hewlett Packard. He has also donned the hat of an entrepreneur offering business planning consulting and trainings; his achievements include working with Fortune 500 companies and large Indian MNC companies. He has also authored many articles that were published in Economic times.