Culture Assessment Solutions

The behaviour of the business leader is, ultimately, the behaviour of the organization. As such, it’s the foundation of the culture. When a business isn’t going well, its leaders often think about how to change the corporate culture. They are right to recognize that “soft”stuff-people’s belief and behaviour-is at least as important as hard stuff, such as organizational structure, if not more so.

Making changes in strategy and structure by itself takes a company only so far. The hardware of a computer is useless without the right software. Similarly, in an organization the hardware (strategy and structure) is inert without the software (belief and behaviour). To change a business’s culture, you need a set of processes-social operating mechanisms-that will change the beliefs and behaviour of people in ways that are directly linked to bottom-line results. In other words, cultural changes gets real when your aim is execution.

The organizations culture is the sumtotal of its shared values, beliefs, and norms of behaviour. Behaviours are beliefs turned into action. Behaviours deliver results. They are were the rubber meets the road. The beliefs that influence specific negative behaviours are more likely to need changing.

LeadXcultural assessment toolhelps Organizations to understand deeply rooted norms and values, drivers of behavior, and existing characteristics. This will help the Organizations to help create a new culture that paves way for execution and Results. Conducting this assessment includes reviewing the various components of culture, including environment, traditions, social relations, incentives, and values.Our cultural assessments can:

  • Provide data about real organizational beliefs, behaviours and norms.
  • Dispel any of illusions about what really matters in the organization.
  • Identify how far off the mark things really are.