Our Philosophy

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”
– Swami Vivekananda

What’s happening now is not simply a change, rather a great transformation. We have come to the verge of a great shift. When we observe the evolutionary cycles of life, normally breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. Therefore, we are witnessing a great number of breakdowns as well as breakthroughs happening very rapidly in every field of human endeavour. Experts from all over the world are of the opinion that we are in a very different and special time that humanity has ever experienced in its existence.

For the first time humanity is capable of knowing about anything that happens in any part of the world without the lapse of time. We have at our disposal any information about any subject that’s documented in the recorded history. This has luxury as well as its pitfalls. The luxury is that it equips us with enormous amount of options, but at the downside it could lead us into chaos and confusions. In a way we are in a make or break situation.

We are also witnessing the birth of a heightened perception of life-principles of a very integral nature. For, we are finally discovering the meeting point of the various philosophies and different branches of science. They do not seem to be parallel lines as held earlier; rather seem to converge at one timeless centre constituting wholeness. The frequently used words like Collaboration, co-creation, interdependency, co-existence and integral-thinking symbolise the transition that humanity is making towards a higher level of life by not fighting the opposites, but by celebrating the differences. In this perspective our research and study has enabled us discover the following inferences.

  1. Planet-Earth is a place where consciousness progressively evolves in manifold ways through matter to find its finest and highest existential expression.
  2. Each human being is a pure field of potentiality with unlimited possibilities for creative work and achievements and each human being is unique and indispensable and has unique roles to play in the scheme of evolution.
  3. Our mission on earth is to evolve to find our true nature by healing ourselves as well as the world around by making meaningful contributions.
  4. When we creatively grow and evolve through life-lessons we also become the cause for the growth and evolution of the universe at large.
  5. The principles of Love, Patience, Forgiveness, Selflessness and Dutifulness serve as the true compass to creating joy, peace and harmony all around.
  6. The chaotic and disorganized appearance of the universe is only the surface nature, whereas at a deeper level, everything is in right order and balance.
  7. All events and situations in life occur as meaningful coincidences to enabling our maximum evolution and therefore everything has a place and purpose in the scheme of evolution.
  8. The notions of ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good and bad’ are the relative truths and create conflicts and confusions. But, by practising non-judgemental attitude about ourselves and others we can creates true peace.
  9. The ultimate aim of ours is to align our value systems with that of the highest principles by sacrificing our fundamentalistic approaches and narcissistic behaviours.
  10. Science is the study of Matter and Spirituality is the study of consciousness. At the highest-level Science and Spirituality meet and harmoniously converge.
  11. To brand any one path or system as the absolute way to the exclusion of everything else leads to division and separation and thereby denies synergy and the perception of totality.
  12. Mind operates by the principle of division. What we perceive through the mind is not absolute; rather is part of the whole and therefore the ultimate purpose is to put back the parts into its original whole integrally and synergistically in every field.